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Intuitive Surgical Shares Drop in Price

Intuitive Surgical Shares Drop in Price

Intuitive Surgical is a manufacturer of robotic surgical instruments and systems. The company is well known for its da Vinci Surgical System, and its shares are part of the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ-100. Read on for the latest information on the company, its products, and its price.


Who bought Intuitive Surgical?

The upcoming acquisition of the robotic endoscope business by Intuitive will give it a stronger position in the automatic surgery market. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, the acquisition is expected to provide both companies with enhanced products and technology. The investment will also likely make Intuitive a more prominent player in the medical field, especially since the company has already had several successes.

The company’s recent earnings report highlighted positive growth from its da Vinci robotic surgery system. The company placed 305 of these systems this quarter, and its installed base rose to 6,920. It also continues to expand its Ion lung biopsy system. In the last quarter, it established 34 new Ion systems and completed 3,900 procedures using the system.


Why is Intuitive Surgical dropping

If you’ve been paying attention to the stock market, you may have noticed that Intuitive Surgical has dropped in price today. The reason may be that the company reports weaker-than-expected earnings and a weaker outlook. While this isn’t a major reason for investors to sell Intuitive, it’s enough to cause investors to take note.

Intuitive Surgical’s stock price dropped 7.2% in Friday trading. This news came after the company released its quarterly results. The company beat analyst estimates for earnings and revenue but reported declining placements for its flagship robotic systems. This may reflect tighter hospital budgets and supply chain constraints.


How much does an Intuitive Surgical robot cost

While Intuitive’s rivals have picked up some of its customers, some of them will likely go back to Intuitive’s system after trying a rival one. The price will have to figure into the equation, but it will be competitive with other systems.

The company’s $4 billion annual revenue comes largely from instruments, accessories, and service contracts. But hospitals have been suing the company for forcing them to buy new parts every ten years. The company recently launched a program to let hospitals use its instruments for longer. Still, hospitals are worried that the company will eventually turn their machines into “paperweights.”

The FDA warned Intuitive Medical that it had broken regulations and not reported adverse events and product corrections. This was a big problem for the company and led to a decline in sales. However, the company did resolve some of its problems after settling a lawsuit filed by a woman in Placer County. The woman had suffered severe internal injuries and sought damages of $10 million.



Intuitive Surgical is a fast-growing company with over 16,000 ORs worldwide. The company offers a variety of tools to help surgeons perform any procedure. The surgical tools are durable, saving surgeons time and money on each system. The company has introduced new instruments lasting up to 12 years, making them an excellent investment for surgeons. They are also compatible with many soft-tissue surgeries, which can result in higher revenue per procedure.

Intuitive is also investing heavily in its business. As a result, the company’s earnings have increased, and the company is expected to maintain this growth rate. Analysts’ estimates of Intuitive Surgical’s future performance are based on their research and assumptions of how the company will be able to continue to grow.

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