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Kayla Quick – A Closer Look at a Celebrity With a Criminal Past

Kayla Quick – A Closer Look at a Celebrity With a Criminal Past

Known as a former stripper and model, Kayla Quick has been the subject of many rumours. She has also been accused of committing crimes. This article will discuss her family history, relationship with the public, and former criminal activities.


During her career, Kayla Quick worked as a stripper in Florida clubs. She also worked as a waitress when she was in high school. She earned $2500-$3000 as a stripper and worked at a strip club in Tampa, Florida. She also worked as a waitress in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Kayla Quick is an American model. She is a former stripper and has blue eyes. She was born in Port Charlotte, Florida. She is the daughter of Gerald Alan Quick and Mary Kay Quick. She has a sister named Kara Lee Quick. She also works as a cook.

Kayla Quick is the girlfriend of Michael Strahan, a former football player. The couple met in Port Charlotte, Florida. They met in a bar. They have been dating since 2015. They haven’t made any public appearances in recent years, but they have been seen together at the after-party of the Super Bowl. They also have a relationship with Michael Jackson. They are said to be friendly with his twin daughters.

Former stripper

Despite her criminal past, Kayla Quick is an American model and former stripper. She stands at five feet nine inches (175 cm) tall and weighs 56 kilograms. She has a beautiful figure and blue eyes.

The former stripper has a very lavish lifestyle. She owns a $17 million mansion in Los Angeles. She also lives in Pinewood, Connecticut. Her sister, Kara Lee Quick, is a culinary specialist.

Kayla Quick’s father, Gerald Alan Quick, served in the US Army in Germany. She was raised in Florida and is a cancer survivor. She began her career in the stripper business at the age of eighteen. She later worked at a Tampa Bay, Florida, Strip Club. She earned between $2000 and $3000 a week. However, she has a criminal record and was arrested twice when she was a teenager.

Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick made their first public appearance together during the Super Bowl after-party in 2015. They also spotted each other while on vacation in St. Barts in May 2015.

Relationship with the public

Even though she has been a celebrity for some time, Kayla Quick does not have an active social media profile. Nevertheless, she has posted pictures with her boyfriend, Michael Strahan, inside his apartment in New York.

Kayla was born in Port Charlotte, Florida, in 1989. She is the daughter of Gerald Alan Quick and Mary Kay Quick. She has one sister named Kara Lee. She has a family history of criminal activity. During her teenage years, Kayla was arrested several times.

Kayla Quick has two criminal records. One is a theft charge at the age of 14. She was charged with misconduct for stealing jewelry worth $6000. The other cost is grand theft. Kayla’s sister was arrested for possession of controlled substances in 2008. She is also a model.

Kayla worked as a stripper for four months at a club in Florida. She earned $2000 per week. She also worked as a cocktail waitress when she was in high school. She dated Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy, for a short period. She has also dated Stefani Vara.

Family history of committing crimes

They are having a family history of committing crimes does not necessarily mean that you are cursed. Many families have stories of criminal behaviour. It is possible to escape the cycle of crime by earning all A’s in high school.

Kayla Quick was born in Port Charlotte, Florida. She is the daughter of Gerald Quick and Mary Kay Quick. She has a sister, Kara Lee Quick. She is a model and chef. She also has a former U.S. Army father and an ex-cancer survivor.

When Kayla was in high school, she had a boyfriend named Justin Hundley. They dated for three years before she was arrested. It is believed that the two were together in the bar. She was arrested on June 13, 2007, at age 18. Kayla McLaughlin, her grandmother’s granddaughter, was arrested twice in her teenage years. Neighbours tipped off her, who then invited her to their house. She was charged with stealing $600 worth of jewelry from her grandmother.

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