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Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 Review

Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 Review

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 is an excellent choice for those who want a well-built laptop with good ergonomics. Its solid build includes a metal back for stiffness and pressure resistance. The notebook has an easily opened lid that can be operated with one hand. In addition, the notebook has no service lids, and the lift-off hinges make access to the internal components easy.

Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 IPS panel

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 is a well-rounded laptop with a quad-core Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB PCIe SSD. It also has multiple USB ports, a 4-in-1 media card reader, and a curved IPS panel for improved viewing angles. The IPS panel also improves contrast and colour reproduction.

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 is equipped with a 7th-generation Intel Core(TM) processor, delivering up to 40% better application performance than the previous generation. It also boasts the ability to multitask smoothly and run a multitude of applications at once.

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 is also compatible with an external display. It features a 14-inch IPS panel with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It has a sturdy hinge, and the silver-grey lid is engraved with the Lenovo logo. A three-cell 45Wh battery powers the display.

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 is a well-built laptop with a metal back. Its lid opens easily with one hand and offers excellent pressure resistance. It has several USB ports and a 4-in-1 Media Card Reader, allowing you to use two cards simultaneously.

Lenovo Ideapad 720S15 Laptop Review

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S15 is a great all-around laptop with professional aesthetics, battery life, and gaming chops. It stands out among a sea of underwhelming offerings. The best time to buy this laptop is during a sale or coupon.

One drawback of this laptop is the lack of an external display port. However, a Thunderbolt 3 port speeds up file transfers and lets you connect to a dock with just a single cable. The keyboard is also well laid out and features a huge glass trackpad and dark grey keys. It also has a Windows Hello-ready fingerprint reader.

The screen on the Lenovo Ideapad 720S15 is made with an IPS panel, which gives you better viewing angles than TN panels. TN panels, by contrast, have a limited range and are usually found in budget models. While IPS and TN panels offer better colour and contrast reproduction, the Lenovo laptop’s Chi-Mei panel only shows this effect at relatively flat viewing angles. It is also slightly more stable than the average IPS panel.

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S15’s keyboard is nice, but the screen could be more pleasant. The bezels on the screen are minimal, measuring around four millimetres at the bottom and eight millimetres at the top. The screen resolution is also excellent and is large enough to accommodate two documents side by side.

Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 Graphic card

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 is a multimedia notebook with a 15.6-inch IPS display and a high-performance NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU. It also features a 720p webcam, Bluetooth 4.1, and Windows 10 Professional 64-bit. This notebook is one of several in the Lenovo Ideapad 720S series, and it competes with other laptops from HP Pavilion Envy, Dell Inspiron, Toshiba Satellite, and Samsung Sens.

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 is a well-built laptop with a metal back that lends it rigidity and pressure resistance. Its lid opens and closes easily with just one hand. The ergonomics are excellent, and the lid is easy to lift, so you can access internal components without removing the cover.

The IdeaPad 720S features an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q graphics card, an upper mid-range model based on the Pascal architecture. The Max-Q version is more energy efficient and supports DirectX 12.1 and HDMI 2.0b. Its GDDR5 graphics memory operates at 7000 MHz and connects to the GPU through a 128-bit bus.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S-15 features an NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti MaxQ graphics card that provides high-resolution images and video at low power consumption. While this is not the fastest graphics card available, it is enough for most gaming needs. Its Max-Q technology allows it to charge and sync data at up to 40 Gbps when connected to a 4K display.

Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 CPU

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 features a 15.6-inch IPS display with Full HD resolution and a high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. This ultraportable laptop also has a 512GB SSD for fast data transfer, costing over 1,000 euros. Other features of this laptop include a backlit keyboard, Bluetooth 4.1, and Windows 10 Professional 64-bit.

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 has a quad-core Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor and 16GB DDR4 RAM. The laptop also features a 512GB PCIe SSD and multiple USB ports. The screen is an IPS panel, which offers better viewing angles and colour reproduction than the TN panels commonly used in lower-end laptops.

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S has a good battery life and offers always-on charging. It can also charge other devices through the USB port when powered off. A full charge can be completed in less than an hour. Its speakers use Dolby Atmos to provide immersive sound.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720s 15 has a powerful graphics card, and its seventh-generation processor has enough power to handle even the most demanding games without overheating. Its dedicated graphics card works with the CPU to ensure that the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S-15 can handle multitasking well.

Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 touchscreen and protector

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 Touch screen and protector are designed for maximum protection and ease of application. It is made with a strong adhesive to provide years of security, and it minimizes glare and delivers optical clarity. It is easy to install and can be removed with warm water.

The IdeaPad 720S is a solidly built laptop with a metal back that lends extra notebook stiffness and pressure resistance. It opens and closes with one hand. The keyboard is well-placed and features a large glass trackpad and dark grey keys. It also features a Windows Hello-ready fingerprint reader, which allows you to access the PC without a password.

Lenovo IdeaPad 720S-15 has a well-rounded system with a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ quad-core processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB PCIe SSD. It also features several USB ports and a 4-in-1 media card reader. It also has an IPS screen that offers better contrast, colour reproduction, and wide viewing angles.

Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 Thermal regulation

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S is a high-end ultra-thin laptop with a 56-Wh battery and a Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The display offers an excellent contrast ratio and pixel density of 157 PPI. Its IPS panel uses an AU Optronics B140HAN03.5 panel and has a pixel pitch of 0.161 x 0.161 mm. The screen’s viewing angles are good, even when viewed at an angle of about forty-five degrees.

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 comes with a Full HD IPS display and a high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU. It also has a 720p webcam and Bluetooth 4.1 and runs Windows 10 Professional 64-bit. This Lenovo laptop is among the many in the Ideapad series and competes against HP Pavilion Envy, Dell Inspiron, Toshiba Satellite, and Samsung Sens series.

This laptop has a well-built chassis. Its metal back gives it a firm but lightweight feel. It also has an easy-to-use lid that opens and closes with one hand. The design is also pleasing to the eye. It does not have a service lid, but it lifts easily to access the internal components.


The Lenovo Ideapad 720s features a 13.3-inch FHD 1080P display and an ultra-thin bezel design. The top bezel is 8mm thick, while the bottom bezel is 5.25mm. These features result in an excellent screen-to-body ratio (87.1%). The Lenovo Ideapad 720s also has a keyboard that provides an immersive typing experience, and it has 1.3-millimeter-wide keys and an elegant design.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720s is attractive and features an aluminium and magnesium case, and it also has a prominent Lenovo logo on the top-right corner. The design is built for durability, and the aluminium and magnesium construction of the laptop’s case means it won’t bend under significant force.

The Lenovo Ideapad 720s is a solid all-around laptop that delivers good everyday performance, battery life, and solid gaming chops. But it lacks one important feature: a touchscreen display. If you need a touchscreen display, you should look elsewhere. Otherwise, this budget-friendly laptop will do fine for your needs.

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