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Shikanoin heizou the number one detective in the tenryu Commission

Shikanoin heizou the number one detective in the tenryu Commission

As the undisputed number one detective in the Tenryu Commission, Heizou is a cheerful, free-spirited detective with an unmatched sense of intuition. Combining his wild imagination, meticulous logic, and extraordinary intuition, Heizou solves cases with an unconventional mindset. This is why he is so popular with fans of the game.

Is Heizou a 5 star

The character Shikanoin Heizou is teased repeatedly throughout the anime and manga, with several characters describing him as a “top detective” in the Tenryu Commission. He is known for being independent and challenging, but the Genshin Impact Kujou Sara sometimes needs to be more accurate in his actions.

The Anemo character Heizou has a 4-star rating, which may indicate that the character is not a five-star hotel. Despite being a four-star character, Heizou’s design is less grand than a five-star hotel. Moreover, the character’s weapon is a mystery, and he is rumored to use a sword or some other melee weapon.

It’s also worth mentioning that Heizou has a passive skill that reduces stamina usage. He is also available for the July 13, 2022, event wish.

Who is Heizou shipped with

Horizon is frequently depicted as a criminal, but his character has a more serious side as a detective. While his appearance is happy-go-lucky, he’s razor-sharp while working on a case. He and Kazuha are also often seen as investigation partners.

Horizon is a young detective of the Tenryu Commission. He is considered the number one detective in his department. He is friends with Kazuha and is extremely popular in the community. His favorite weapon is the Catalyst, but he’s also capable of working with any weapon as long as it has Resonance.

Who is better Heizou or sucrose

While both Anemo units are robust, Heizou is the better choice for non-synergized teams. While Sucrose has the edge in grouping and long range, it’s still easier to draft around Heizou. This support unit’s personal damage and Catalyst make it a strong choice for non-synergized teams. It also has buffing abilities that help him deal personal damage, which can be very helpful when dealing with a team with low synergy.

Despite its surprisingly good damage output, Heizou suffers from poor grouping and needs a second CC to maximize his damage output. Also, he’s less efficient than most Anemo units, especially when compared to Sucrose. Despite its lack of efficiency, Heizou excels in a team-oriented approach and is excellent for using with a taser team.

While both Heizou and Sucrose do significant damage, Sucrose has better crowd control, but Heizou’s essential skill could be more effective. He’s a little weaker on single-target content, but he’s a better catalyst user than Sucrose. In addition to dealing personal damage, he can use 4VV to buff opponents. Sucrose doesn’t have a lot of damage, but his Taser is very effective against multiple enemies.

How old is Heizou

Huizhou is the number one detective in the Tenryu Commission. He has a free-spirited, cheerful personality and is very good at solving crimes. His unconventional ways of deduction make him stand out from other detectives, and he has good intuition and an unorthodox approach to solving cases.

Huizhou was introduced in the game in Version 2.8. He is a young detective who uses the Catalyst weapon, and he also uses his weapon up close and is the only male Catalyst user in the game. According to his birthday, he is 24 years old, making him the youngest male character in the game.

Horizon is about the same age as Katya. It is hard to say how old she is because she does not reveal her age in the game. Although she appears young, she is at least two years older than her younger sister, Diluc. Since she is in an ensemble story, her age is hard to pinpoint. However, player speculation and character designs can help you figure out how old she is.

Should I use Kazuya or Heizou?

Depending on your type of play style, you can go for Kazuha or Heizou. Both are good choices for players looking to build a strong character, and Kazuha uses her happy-go-lucky look as an advantage, while Heizou has a more serious approach to his cases. These two characters share many similarities, including their appreciation for freedom and affinity for Japanese culture.

While Kazuha excels in damage and DPS, Heizou is built as an Anemo DPS. She uses her skill and swirls reaction to deal damage to enemies. Like Kazuha, she also uses a Catalyst, allowing her to trigger her swirl reaction more easily. In addition, she can also use her elemental ability, making her a powerful option against Anemo-based enemies.

Regardless of which class you choose, it is essential to consider the substates of each hero. EM is better for teams with many DEF, while crit is better against less powerful opponents. Heizou’s Elemental Skill gives her a high ATK/CRT and can effectively damage enemies that Kazuha can’t hit.

Is Heizou worth pulling

She was deciding whether you want to play Heizou alone or partner with another character is essential. This character has a decent DPS but cannot excel in other roles. However, she is excellent if you play her as the main character or part of a duo. While she does not have many versatile builds, she can shine in a few aspects. Here are some things to consider when choosing your build:

A good Heizou build will be able to fill a variety of team compositions and playstyles, including a support or DPS-heavy team. Moreover, she can use the 4pc and Viridescent Veneer set to help her buff teammates. While she is less versatile than her Anemo counterparts, she can still fit into many teams.

The early constellations of Heizou should be used for utility and damage. However, it could be more resource-efficient to pull past the C3 level. You are more likely to obtain these constellations from future gacha banners.

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