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The Best Grill Trays

The Best Grill Trays

This grill tray has a large surface area and deep sides to enhance the flavour of your food. It can be used for grilling, braising, searing, sautéing, and steaming. The sturdy cast aluminium construction and steel base ensure even heat distribution. You can even use it to make marinades and sugary marinades.

Storage nordic plastic tray

The Nordic Kitchen Storage Nordic plastic grill tray is a sturdy grilling tray with a 7mm base and handsome wood handle. This durable product has a ridged bottom, which creates distinctive dark stripes of grilled food. The multi-use tray allows for easy transportation of prepared foods and serves as an attractive addition to your grilling arsenal.

non-stick griling basket tray

The Non-Stick Grilling Basket Tray has a non-stick surface and is dishwasher safe. The non-stick design makes cleaning the basket simple and easy and can be used with any grill. The tray is not heavy-duty but can withstand hot flames and high temperatures. It is made from carbon or stainless steel, which will not warp or bend under direct heat.

Its non-stick surface allows smoky flavours to permeate the food, while the high sides prevent small pieces from falling into the flames. The non-stick coating helps food release quickly and prevents mess. It is a great tool for grilling vegetables, smaller cuts of meat, and fish and seafood.

non-stick frying pan pad round tray

Non-stick frying pans are a great way to keep food from sticking to the pan and make cleanup a breeze. They are available in various sizes, and some even come in sets. For example, the Calphalon Contemporary Fry Pan Set includes a 10-inch and a 12-inch non-stick frying pan. Each piece is made of lightweight aluminium and features a non-stick interior.

Non-stick frying pans can be used on all cooktops, including induction ones. However, you should avoid using them in too high heat or the oven. For best results, use them on low to medium heat. They are available in stylish colours and come with a wood-grain handle. These non-stick frying pans are durable and stay cool to the touch.

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