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Deepa Thomas

Deepa Thomas

Deepa Thomas Twitter

Deepa Thomas is an actress and model from India. She is 5’5 feet tall and weighs around sixty kilograms. She has worked in television, modelled for various brands and competitions, and participated in beauty pageants. Deepa Thomas has been in the news lately for a variety of reasons.

The actor/model was born in Kerala, India, and has two siblings. Her parents are retired school principals. Thomas began her career as a model while attending nursing school and eventually became a star after appearing in several films. Deepa Thomas was also a competitor in a beauty pageant when she was in college, and she reached the final round.

Deepa Thomas is an actress and model born in Calicut, Kerala. She was raised in a Christian household with parents who were teachers. Thomas completed her schooling in Kozhikode, and she later went on to earn her nursing degree at Baby Memorial Hospital. Deepa Thomas comes from a small, middle-class family. Her mother is an educator, and her father is a retired school principal.

Deepa Thomas’s Twitter accounts also include several references to her husband’s death. It is unclear whether or not this is a legal issue. However, she has been in contact with Twitter employees who attended the Musk meeting.

Deepa Thomas Instagram

Deepa Thomas is a well-known model and actress from India. She has appeared in several movies and web series and currently promotes several brands on social media. Her pictures are extremely eye-catching and sure to catch fans’ attention. In addition to promoting her various brands, Deepa Thomas also promotes several brands through her Instagram account.

Deepa Thomas has 162k followers on Instagram. The Indian model and actress is a former Miss South India runner-up. She is also known for her role in the Malayalam web series rock-paper-scissors in Karikku Fliq. While studying nursing, she competed in pageants and reached the final round of Miss Millennium. She also placed second in the Miss South India competition in 2019. She has also appeared in television commercials.

Deepa Thomas is 25 years old. She was born in Calicut, Kerala. Her parents are a retired school headmaster and a school teacher. Her younger brother is named Deepak, and her elder sister is a nurse. After completing her studies, she started to model. Her mother has a background in nursing, and her father was a schoolteacher. Deepa Thomas’ career as a model started when she was in college.

Deepa Thomas Facebook

It isn’t easy to find details about the love life of Deepa Thomas on Facebook. Her profile does not have any photos of her with male friends. Today, Deepa is a single woman focusing on her career as an actress. She has several accomplishments to her name. She won a beauty pageant in college. She also participated in the Miss Millennium pageant, which Federal Bank and Manorama organized. She reached the final round of the competition.

Deepa Thomas was born in Kerala and currently resides in Calicut. She completed her school education in Kozhikode and went on to attend Savio Higher Secondary School in Devagiri. She also obtained her nursing degree from the Baby Memorial Hospital. She is from a middle-class family in Kerala. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a homemaker.

Facebook Marriage

Many rumours and speculations surround Deepa Thomas and her marriage, but she has never officially shared her love life on Facebook. There are also no pictures of her with male friends on her page. This actress prefers to focus on her career and work, so her love life is unknown. In the past, she competed in the Miss Millennium beauty pageant and reached the final round.

Deepa Thomas’s marriage to Anoop is not real, and it was arranged by Deepa’s parents, who wanted their daughter to have a more successful life. The couple spent five years together before deciding to get married. But despite their tumultuous beginning, their marriage has flourished into spiritual unity and oneness of heart.

Deepa Thomas is a Malayalam actress who started her career as a model. She has since worked in various movies, and her mother is a retired school principal. She has two siblings and started modelling when she was still in school. She lives in Canada with her family. Thomas received her schooling from Kozhikode and completed her nursing degree at Baby Memorial Hospital.

Deepa Thomas Education

The founder of Deepa Thomas Education, Deepa Thomas Davy, has been an educator for many years. She holds three undergraduate degrees and a postgraduate degree in English Language and Literature. She enjoys writing and finds inspiration in nature and life’s simple pleasures. She believes in the power of words and the value of education.

In her early years, Deepa Thomas studied at several schools, including St. Joseph’s Anglo-Indian Girls’ Higher Secondary School, and Savio Higher Secondary School, both in Kozhikode. She later attended the Baby Memorial Hospital in Calicut, earning her BSC degree.

Deepa Thomas’ family is modest, with her parents being retired school heads. Her elder sister is a nurse in Canada. Deepa Thomas began modelling early in her early years and participated in beauty contests. Her modelling career led her to a career in the film industry, and she has worked on many notable films. Thomas is unmarried and has two younger siblings, Deepak and Deepthi. Deepa Thomas attended school at the Savio Higher Secondary School in Kozhikode and attended college at the Baby Memorial Hospital in Calicut.

In addition to her career in the film industry, Deepa Thomas is also a passionate animal lover. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Baby Memorial Hospital in Calicut and became the second runner-up in the Miss South India beauty pageant in 2019. While still a student, Thomas participated in various beauty pageants and has won countless awards, including Miss Millennium. She has also been the subject of photoshoots for competitions and has appeared in many commercials and advertisements.


Recently, Deepa Thomas gave a keynote speech at the BITSync 2017 conference in San Jose, California. Her speech focused on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and included insights from her new book Deepa’s Secrets. In conclusion, Thomas shares some advice on how to eat right and live well.

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