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Leyna Bloom Before She Becomes an Actress and Singer

Leyna Bloom Before She Becomes an Actress and Singer

This article is about Leyna Bloom before she became an actress and singer. It covers her birth, education, and personal life. This is not an exhaustive biography. But it covers the essential facts. You should keep reading if you have ever wondered about Leyna Bloom’s past.

Leyna Bloom was born.

Leyna Bloom was born on April 25, 1990, in the Philippines. Her parents were Filipino immigrants. Her father was a teacher, and her mother was a native of the Philippines. Her parents were deported to the Philippines when Leyna was a baby, and her father raised her. Her father supported her gender transition, and she later became a famous dancer and model.

As a child, Bloom read fashion magazines and dreamed of one day becoming famous. She was also inspired by strong women in Star Wars and Marvel comics. Her journey to fame has been a unique one. In the film “Port Authority,” she played the first trans woman of colour in a leading role. Her role in the film marked a milestone in the history of the 72-year-old Cannes Film Festival.

Leyna Bloom’s parents were both military veterans, and her mother was an immigrant from the Philippines, and neither of them was an American citizen. Although she has undergone plastic surgery, she has kept many of her original features, including the shape of her forehead. Many people compare her to her grandma! She is five feet tall, weighs sixty kilograms, and proudly flaunts her 34-24-35-inch figure.

Leyna Bloom is now a successful actress and singer.

The former model, activist, and transgender performer Leyna Bloom was named Vogue India’s first transgender cover girl in 2015. She made her acting debut in the 2019 Cannes Film Festival’s opening film, Port Authority. The film is a love story set in the New York kiki ballroom scene. Bloom also starred in the season finale of Pose and was featured in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Bloom made her name in the fashion industry about a decade ago when she was spotted on Candy magazine’s fifth-anniversary cover. She also made history as the first transgender Asian and Black woman to appear on the surface of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Since then, the magazine has been working to increase diversity and representation on its pages.

Bloom’s artistic background significantly influenced her success as an actress and singer. She trained in ballet, modern, hip-hop, jazz, and tap dance. She made history by becoming the first transgender lead in a feature film! A single dad in Chicago raised her; before she hit the fashion scene, she was a successful ballerina. Her activist dad supported her decision to make the transition and has been a big supporter of her career.

Early life and education

Leyna Bloom was born on April 25, 1990. Her mother was deported when she was two years old, and her father raised her as a single parent. Her father was supportive and understanding, buying her first Barbie doll and attending every audition. He also paid for her medical transition procedures while she was in Thailand. He also ensured she was comfortable and held her hand after waking up from surgery.

Bloom was raised in Chicago and attended school in Illinois. She is a former hostess at NoMo SoHo restaurant in Manhattan. She was a dancer in her early years and later joined the Joffrey Ballet. When she was 14, she was invited to appear in the American Ballet Theatre. She later received a full dance scholarship from the Chicago Academy of the Arts but dropped out.

Bloom has been featured on numerous magazine covers. She was the first transgender woman of colour to grace the cover of Vogue India, and she also starred in the film Port Authority, an executive-produced film by Martin Scorsese. She was also the first transgender woman of colour to walk the Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019 runway. In March 2019, she also walked the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya fashion show.

Personal life

Leyna Bloom is a transgender activist and actress who has garnered much press attention. She is also a model, dancer, and activist and has gotten a lot of attention as a transgender trailblazer. Learn more about her personal life.

Bloom was born in Chicago, United States. She has a Filipino mother and an African-American father. Her parents were both supportive of her gender transition. She attended the Chicago Academy of Arts, where she studied dance. She even won a full scholarship to train with their company but dropped out because she couldn’t be herself. However, she later won a national competition and made it to the American Ballet Theater.

Bloom has a net worth of approximately 500 thousand dollars. She has worked with several big brands and influencers over the years, and her annual income is around $250-400 thousand. She is active on social media sites such as Instagram.


Leyna Bloom has a diverse background. She has worked as a model, actress, dancer, and activist. She has gained a large amount of press attention as a transgender trailblazer. She is an advocate of equality and diversity and is openly gay.

While still a teenager, Bloom worked at a restaurant. Later, she started freelance modelling and eventually moved to New York City. Now, she is a successful fashion model and activist, having graced several magazine covers and projects. In addition to her modelling work, Bloom made her acting debut in the 2019 feature film Port Authority.

As a transgender woman, Leyna Bloom has broken boundaries in the modelling industry. She was the first transgender model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She is now one of the most celebrated models in the world and is also an activist for transgender rights. In an interview with People magazine, Bloom revealed her goals and plans for the future.

Professional career.

Leyna Bloom’s professional career has been quite a journey. After her mother was deported, she was raised by a single father who supported her ambitions. He bought her first Barbie doll and helped her through auditions and film roles. He also paid for her medical transition procedures in Thailand. He even held her hand when she woke up from surgery.

Bloom’s first significant feature film role was in Port Authority, a film directed by Danielle Lessovitz and set in a New York City transportation centre. It premiered at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section. The film was the first to cast a transgender woman of colour in a leading role. In addition to her debut film, Bloom appeared in the third season of the television series Pose. She also appeared on the cover of CNDY Magazine, a publication dedicated to transgender women.

Bloom’s transition began at an early age when she was 14. Bloom’s mother had been deported, and her father raised the girl in Chicago. She had an Afro-American father who supported her decision to transition. She had been a versatile dancer, performing with Misty Copeland at the American Ballet Theater. As a teenager, Bloom was offered a scholarship from the Chicago Academy of the Arts. However, she left her hometown to pursue her professional career.

Awards and recognitions

Leyna Bloom is one of her generation’s most recognized and accomplished actors. She has achieved many firsts throughout her career, including being the first transgender person of colour to appear on a Sports Illustrated cover and the first transgender person to lead a film at the Cannes Film Festival. In May 2016, GLSEN recognized her for her achievements by giving her the Gamechanger Award. She will also receive recognition at the Respect Awards New York, hosted by Wilson Cruz and presented by Hollister, which will be held at Gotham Hall on May 16.

As a teenager, Bloom was drawn to dance and earned a scholarship to the Chicago Academy of the Arts, which was a terrible fit for her. She ended up leaving Chicago and moving to New York to pursue her dreams and talent. During this time, she also began to experience homelessness.


A trans woman of colour, Leyna Bloom is a rising star in entertainment. She’ll be featured in the July issue of Sports Illustrated, and she recently appeared in the final season of “Pose.” She’s also set to star in the upcoming movie Port Authority.

Born a boy, Leyna Bloom had an orientation reassignment medical procedure, which changed her gender identity from male to female. Leyna Bloom’s family, including her grandmother, supported her transition several years ago. But she never hid the fact that she was a girl.

After the surgery, Bloom became a trans woman and a top model, and she was also the first transgender woman of colour to cover a major fashion magazine. The media reported her transition, and she was greeted by family and friends when she awoke.

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