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Miconex – A Trusted Partner For Downtowns

Miconex – A Trusted Partner For Downtowns

Miconex is a purpose-driven business that works with local communities to increase local spend. The company offers a fully-managed service for downtowns, including a payment card linked loyalty scheme. The company has more than 20 years of experience supporting and promoting local businesses. It’s also committed to helping the high street evolve.

Miconex is a purpose driven business

Miconex is a UK-based company that works with local businesses to drive local spend. It has pioneered payment-linked loyalty solutions and local currencies. Its programs help businesses lock in local money, spur extra economic activity, and increase footfall. This way, Miconex helps communities thrive.

The company aims to create a more sustainable environment by making purchasing local convenient and desirable. It also wants to contribute to developing central business districts and high streets. This is why the company launched its Town & City Gift Card in 2015. These cards are used by local businesses to increase their local currency. This currency can be used for staff awards, consumer sales, and community spending programs.

It works with business communities to drive local spend

The Miconex Partner Portal is a payment-linked loyalty program that works with local businesses to encourage more local spend. The program was launched in 2018 and rewards consumers for spending money in their towns and cities. It also provides businesses with data and insights that help them understand their customers and build loyalty.

Spending locally supports local businesses and helps towns thrive. It also reduces carbon emissions and shortens supply chains. In addition, it increases local prosperity and protects local jobs. It also produces vibrancy and enhances quality of life. Miconex is working with business communities to implement this scheme across the UK.

The Miconex Partner Portal works with local business communities to promote local spending through gift cards. The program is fee-free for businesses. Miconex plans to roll out the concept in North America by 2020. The company has partnered with EML Payments Limited and now works with over 10,000 businesses. Its programs have generated over PS25million in local spending.

Miconex is a leading provider of local gift cards and operates over 150 programmes across the UK, Ireland, and North America. By partnering with business communities, Miconex helps businesses drive local spend and increase their profits. Besides the York Gift Card, Miconex is working with business communities in Barnsley, Falkirk, and Barnsley. They have also launched new Town and City Gift Card programmes in Perthshire, Falkirk, and Falkirk.

It offers a fully managed service for downtowns

Miconex is a trusted partner for downtowns across the US and Canada, helping them to revitalize their areas and raise funds. Their proven technology handles the full transaction life cycle, from payment to redemption to fulfilment. They also help downtowns transition from paper gift vouchers to electronic gift cards.

It offers a payment card linked loyalty scheme

The Miconex Partner Portal offers a payment-card linked loyalty scheme to participating businesses. The scheme helps businesses drive footfall to their stores and generates additional spend when reward cards are redeemed. It also helps businesses build new relationships with customers and offers insights into consumer buying behaviour. Furthermore, there is no joining fee, no staff training, and no additional hardware or software to install. Instead, businesses only pay a small 1% fee for every qualifying card transaction. Then, customers can redeem the accumulated points at participating businesses.

In the UK, Miconex offers 60 city-wide Gift Card schemes and the Stampfeet loyalty platform. The company has also launched the Mi Rewards loyalty scheme in Perth and Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. In addition, new Mi Rewards schemes will be launched in Guildford and Gloucester in 2020. The company is also working on new schemes in Barnsley and Kirkcaldy this year.

It works with the Mastercard network

Miconex has developed Mi Rewards, a next generation loyalty programme, to drive consumer spending in the local area. The programme is easy to use and rewards customers for using their linked cards at participating businesses. It also generates data and insights for participating towns and cities, which in turn help businesses increase customer loyalty.

Miconex is a Scottish fintech company that works with towns and cities to create successful local economies. In 2015, Miconex launched the UK’s first city-wide gift card programme, the Town and City Gift Card, in Perth, Scotland. The programme uses the MasterCard network to lock money in the local economy for participating businesses. The cards can be used like debit cards across a range of businesses, and they are available in a range of denominations, from PS10 to PS500.

Miconex has announced plans to launch its first Downtown Gift Card program in 2020. The program is scheduled to launch in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, and Alaska. The company hopes to roll out the program in more states and cities over the next few years. It has a long list of other new programs planned for the future.

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