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Razer Blade Stealth Laptop Review

Razer Blade Stealth Laptop Review

If you are looking for a stealth laptop with a webcam, the Razer Blade steal laptop is the one to buy. Unlike the Asus Zephyrus, which lacks a webcam, the Razer Blade includes one. It’s great for work and Zoom and supports Windows Hello facial recognition.


Razer Blade Stealth laptop features powerful graphics and a processor with turbo boost speeds, allowing you to create content faster. You will enjoy higher gaming and video editing frame rates and a pixel-rich, ultra-thin bezel display with 100% sRGB colour saturation.

The battery life on the new Blade Stealth 13 is similar to that of the previous model, though the OLED screen consumes more power than an IPS panel. The brightness of the screen also affects battery life. The OLED screen in the Blade Stealth 13 lasts less than four hours on Wi-Fi and less than three hours with a full-brightness display.


The Razer Blade Stealth laptop has many great features, but it suffers from a few flaws. For one, it doesn’t support Nvidia’s Advanced Optimus feature, which means that its graphics card can’t be configured to use its GPU. Also, the 95w maximum power draw can only support a high-end graphics card without sacrificing performance.

Despite its stealthy design, the Razer Blade 15 is a gaming laptop with serious game performance. On high settings, our test unit managed 124 frames per second in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It also worked 81 frames per second in Forza Horizon 5 on ultra. While the performance isn’t dazzling, it’s enough for everyday usage.

Battery life

The battery life of the new Razor Blade Stealth laptop is underwhelming. Its battery is rated at just 53.1 Wh, the same as its predecessor. The OLED touchscreen requires more power than IPS panels, and the brightness is also a factor. As a result, the Blade Stealth 13’s battery lasts less than four hours in our Wi-Fi test and 3.5 hours in full brightness mode.

The Razer Blade Stealth’s battery life is pretty good, considering its price, but it could be better. The laptop’s screen is a bit reflective and requires more power than a traditional laptop. During our WLAN test, the screen’s runtime was nearly half as long as its predecessor.


The Razer Blade Stealth laptop is Razer’s first Ultrabook and sports an all-black aluminum exterior. The ultrathin design makes it one of the thinnest notebooks on the market, and it weighs only 2.75 pounds. Its matte finish is a fingerprint magnet, but it is also easy to clean. Its heavy construction feels solid, too, and the embossed Razer logo on the lid looks professional and stylish.

The Razer Blade Stealth laptopis a powerful laptop with an 11th-generation Intel CPU and a GeForce GTX 1650Ti Max-Q GPU. Its price is near PS 2,500 and includes the Razer Core X external graphics enclosure. Despite the price, you’ll get all the power you need to complete your workdays and even do some gaming.


Razer has kept the interior of their latest stealth laptop simple, but the result is no less impressive. The laptop is light, with a thin-bezel display and a black keyboard and trackpad. It also features two speakers and a trackpad with a large surface area. The top and side bezels are adorned with small Razer logos.

The Blade Stealth is a 13.3-inch laptop with a matte black slab. The lid features a Razer logo that blends with the top’s surface. It also features a 13.3-inch OLED display, which gives it a premium feel. The screen also features a green RAZER logo and a backlit keyboard.

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